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Tech, design and entrepreneurship meetups, user-groups and clubs active in Boston, MA

Boston Storm Users

Boston Storm Users is a group for developers using or hoping to learn about Twitter's Storm real-time data processing framework. We get together to discuss best practices, to exchange ideas.. (more)

Boston New Technology Meetup

This group is dedicated to having a monthly meeting showcasing what's new and cool with startups and technology from the New England area. 6 presenters each give a demonstration of.. (more)

Revolve Nation's Boston Entrepreneur Group

Revolve Nation's Boston Entrepreneur Group invites you to network with the largest community of entrepreneurs in Boston. The Revolve Nation Boston Entrepreneurs group allows you to access rich programming and.. (more)

Boston HTML5 Game Development

A Gathering of the minds on tips, tricks and best practices for using HTML5 as a platform for developing highly-interactive in-browser applications (with a focus on Game Development)

Boston Python User Group

Boston Python is the world's largest local Python user group.  Meet other local Python developers, learners, employers, and enthusiasts of all kinds.  All skill levels are welcome, if you are interested in Python,.. (more)

Boston Android

We are designers, developers, employers, and general enthusiasts around building the Android mobile platform. We gather to share ideas, help each other, and generally get things done.

Django Boston Meetup Group

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Read more about it at

Boston MySQL Meetup Group

Meet nearby MySQL Users for conversation and fun! Come to a local MySQL Meetup to talk about the world's most popular open source database, get great tips and share new.. (more)

Cambridge Semantic Web

Meet local professionals, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts interested in the Semantic Web.

Greater Boston useR Group

This is the R user group for the New England and Greater Boston area.

R is a free and open programming language for statistical computing, data analysis, and graphical visualization... (more)

Boston Software Engineers

Our monthly events are not your typical software engineering events and will cover a wide range of software programming related topics, techniques, frameworks, and technologies from local companies and educational.. (more)

Refresh Boston

Refresh is a community of designers and developers working to refresh the creative, technical, & professional culture of New Media endeavors in the Boston area while promoting design, technology, usability,.. (more)

Boston PHP

Boston PHP is the largest and most active PHP community in the world.

We are a lot more than PHP!

We have been meeting since 2002. We have over.. (more)

Boston Predictive Analytics

The goal of this meetup is present informative lectures, hands-on tutorials, networking events, etc, towards helping the local community further it's understanding and proficiency regarding Predictive Analytics.  Our group has.. (more)

Boston Front End Developers

While there are plenty of groups around for specific languages (PHP, Ruby, Javascript) there's no group around the hub dedicated to the discussion of experience-based best-practices on the ridiculous number.. (more)

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Google Developer's Group Boston

Google Developers' Group Boston (formerly Boston GTUG). Bringing together experts, beginners and enthusiasts alike to meet and discuss a wide array of topics related to Google technologies and writing code that.. (more)

Boston Hadoop User Group

For developers and analysts who are using Hadoop or would like to learn more about it. Also includes technologies built with/on top of Hadoop: Hive, Pig, HBase, etc.

Windows 8 Boston

Everything and everyone you need to know about Windows 8 style apps.

Take advantage of the need for Windows 8 app developers, designers, user experience experts and solution architects. Take your.. (more)

The Boston Java Meetup Group

A meetup for people interested in Java and other JVM languages.

These meetings are chance for Java developers to socialize and network and learn from member-led presentations.

Tech in Motion Boston

This group is broad, and that's by design. We like anything tech so we don't want to alienate anyone! Every meetup will have a different topic on something new and.. (more)

Boston Amazon Web Services Group

Meet others interested in all aspects of Amazon Web Services. Gather to discuss Development, Standards, Networks, Marketing, Promotion and Business. Open to anyone interested in learning more about Amazon Web.. (more)

Boston Security Meetup

  • We're a bunch of hackers, pirates, ninjas, thinkers, tinkerers, inventors, engineers, explorers, and makers.
  • We're known for our thought-provoking beer and delicious content.
  • We love security. Come at your risk.


Node.js in the wild

Node.js in the wild was started to discuss node.js and its application in real live application...both large and small. Come out if you want to hear how others are using.. (more)

The Data Scientist

This group will concentrate on understanding the tools and skill-sets needed to become an effective Data Scientist. We will explore all topics related to the data lifecycle including acquiring new.. (more)

Boston Web Performance Group

Meet with other web site administrators, developers, designers and business people who are interested in making their sites faster to get a better user experience, lower abandonment rates and more.. (more)

HTML5 Boston

Come learn to program in HTML5. This meetup is for beginnners. If you are looking for advanced HTML5 programming, this is probably not for you.

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Boston WordPress

The Boston WordPress Meetup is a Meetup group for fans of WordPress, the most popular open source blogging engine. Join us once a month to learn more about WordPress and.. (more)

New England Artificial Intelligence

Our group is for those interested in AI, machine learning, forecasting, recommendation systems, and building smarter applications.  We share experience and knowledge in the field, and help each other with.. (more)

Openstack Boston

So, you've read the wiki, installed the packages, set all the flags and got past integrating keystone. Cool. Now stand up front and share with the rest of us. Lets.. (more)

Lean Startup Circle Boston

This is a group to encourage regular group conversations for anyone interested in the application of Lean Startup Principles and the Customer Development process developed by Steve Blank and refined.. (more)

Boston Image Processing and Computer Vision Group

The Boston Image Processing and Computer Vision Group (BIPCVG) meetup provides an opportunity for the image processing/computer vision community to network, socialize and learn. It covers the basics as well.. (more)


DrinksOnTap is a social meetup for Boston area mobile developers (iPhone, Android and more). The event is organized monthly to brings together the best mobile developers and share what we've.. (more)

Boston MongoDB User Group

This group is a place for developers to learn more about the non-relational, open source, document-oriented database MongoDB (

Web Start Women - Boston

Web Start Women is a group of smart, nerdy (and proud of it!) women who are learning to program for the web so we can make awesome stuff online.

If you have.. (more)

Boston Algorithmic Trading

Boston Algorithmic Trading is for anyone interested in creating and using algorithms in the financial markets. We arrange monthly talks from practicing quants, algorithmic traders, trading technology experts, and academics... (more)

Hacks/Hackers Boston

The worlds of hackers and journalists are coming together as reporting goes digital and Internet companies become media empires.

Journalists call themselves "hacks," someone who can churn out words in.. (more)

Boston Area Windows Server User Group

The Windows Server Group is a volunteer run, professional association, which exists in order to encourage an exchange of knowledge about all aspects of Windows Server Technology between IT Professionals... (more)

Boston Area Scala Enthusiasts

Anyone interested in the Scala programming language is welcome.

Meetings usually start at 6:30, include one or two talks or sessions, and conclude by 8:00; there is usually pizza and.. (more)

Boston Data Visualization

Boston has an amazing group of people who not only create beautiful data visualization work, but also push the entire field forward with their contribution to the open source and.. (more)

[B.U.G.] Boston Unity Group

Bi-monthly gathering of Unity developers in the Boston area!

Sign up for our Google group -

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Follow us on Twitter: @BosUnityGroup

Boston d3.js User Group

Boston d3.js is a group specifically focused on data visualizations based on d3.js.

If you haven't heard about d3, then you should probably check it out!

Our goal.. (more)

Boston Azure Cloud User Group

We are a community-run user group with the goal of learning about cloud computing and the Windows Azure cloud computing platform.

Graph Database Boston

Developers interested in learning about and working with graph databases for social, spatial, hierarchical or other highly connected data sets. We host hands-on lab sessions, technology reviews, topical lectures, and.. (more)

Boston Javascript Meetup

Meet other local JavaScripters to share knowledge, review the state of the art, to dream up new applications and find like-minded people to collaborate with.

Boston Clojure Group

This is a group for Clojure enthusiasts in the Boston area to gather and discuss topics of interest to the Clojure community.

Virtualization Meetup Group–Boston

The Virtualization Group–Boston is a volunteer run, professional association, which exists in order to encourage an exchange of knowledge about all aspects of virtualization, green technology and cloud computing between.. (more)

Boston Salesforce Platform Developer User Group

Connect with developers building on the Salesforce Platform. Share ideas, thoughts and interests. Arrange Sessions on trending topics. For Developers seeking knowledge in various programming platforms like, Heroku, RoR,.. (more)

Microsoft DevBoston

Are you a coder who works with Microsoft development technologies? You know...stuff like Visual Studio, SQL Server, ASP.NET, Silverlight, Team Foundation Server, and Windows Azure. This is the group for.. (more)

Boston Mobile C# Developers' Group

The Boston Mobile C# Developers' Group focuses on the use of C# in the exciting area of mobile development. The group's main topics are Xamarin's MonoTouch and Mono for Android,.. (more)

MassMobile - Mobile Developers' Meetup

Meet other Boston area software developers who are working in or are interested in the mobile space. Our goal is to get people involved in software development together to discuss.. (more)

HPC & GPU Supercomputing Group of Boston

A group for the application of cutting-edge HPC & GPU supercomputing technology to cutting-edge business problems. With an emphasis on the useful application of supercomputing by practitioners, for practitioners.

Practice Python Coding

New to Python? New to software development? Let's get together on a regular basis to practice our coding skills, share tips on writing good code and provide constructive feedback on.. (more)

Boston Ember.js Group

The Boston Ember.js Meetup; eat, drink and hack!

Boston UX Social Hour

Perfetti Media hosts an informal meetup in Boston for web designers, usability professionals, information architects, interaction designers, content managers, and other user experience professionals.

We'd like to meet, greet, and.. (more)

Cambridge SEO Meetup

Meet other local people who are interested in Internet Marketing. We discuss Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and more general issues related to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and social media... (more)

Coffee Connect with a VC

You. A VC. Entrepreneurial peers. A free-flow discussion on raising funding and growing your tech./life-sciences company. Open and inclusive. At Voltage Coffee in Cambridge. We call it “Coffee Connect with.. (more)

Boston Lovers

This is a group for Salesforce users in the Boston area, looking to learn tips, tricks, and meet up with other users to share Salesforce best practices and swap war.. (more)

Greater Boston Desktop GNU/Linux Users Group

Whether you're running GNU/Linux as your desktop operating system or interested in doing so, this Meetup is for you. Our goal is to create an environment that's welcoming, fun, and.. (more)

Open Analytics Boston

A group devoted to the use and development of open source, big data, agile intelligence solutions, for the Boston Metro area.  Join our group if interested in solving real business.. (more)


This group is meant to bring together Chef users, and those interested in learning more about Opscode Chef, in the Boston area. #opschefboston

App Demo & Drinks

The App Demo and Drinks meetup group is a social event for all mobile app developers in the Boston and Cambridge community to engage and showcase apps currently in development... (more)

Boston Vertica User & Modern BI Meetup

You should join this group if you use Vertica and/or would like to learn more, share information and best practices and meet really awesome people. This is also a place.. (more)

App Development Meetup

This group is for those interested in apps and app development for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Android).

Sitecore User Group - New England

The New England Sitecore CMS User Group meets on a Wednesday once each month in Boston for networking, learning - and did we mention free pizza and drinks? The user.. (more)

Digital Rendezvous

Once upon a time, 5 people from Vitamin T, the staffing agency for Creative/Digital talent, decided to create a MeetUp - thus Digital Rendezvous was BORN!  We are looking to.. (more)

Boston Mobile App Developers

We discuss mobile app development issues and strategies. The group shares among ourselves and brings in outside experts to help educate and advance our knowledge.

We offer the opportunity for.. (more)

Entrepreneurs and Startups of Davis Square

There are a lot of great companies operating out of Davis Square and the area around it. Let's get together, chat about what's happening, and make our networks work for.. (more)

Cloudy Mondays

Sonian, Inc. started this meetup in June 2011 in order to gather a group every two months to discuss topics that involve the cloud. Discussions vary from business models of the.. (more)

Boston Hardware Startup Meetup

Boston has a boatload of tech meetups and events for software companies, but where's all the hardware love? We want to bring together a strong community of folks eager to.. (more)

Emerging Business Technology

This meetup provides engineers, practitioners and managers the context needed to evaluate and adopt rapidly evolving business technologies. Leave with an understanding of what the technology is, why it’s used,.. (more)

Boston Web Design (and Dev) Meetup

We meet to discuss whatever comes up relating to and sometimes not relating to web design.

Avid Geo

This is a group for people who are interested in geo-spatial technologies. This group is for users, developers, and the curious. There is also a monthly mailing list if you.. (more)

New England Magento Meetup

This group is for Magento users, developers and business leaders all over New England. The goal is to meet and share insights, challenges, best practices and success stories. If you're.. (more)

Hacking Predictive Analytics App

This is your chance to prototype your ideas before going to VCs or for seed funding.

We all have dream applications that need machine learning and predictive analytics. We can.. (more)

NetSquared Boston

Looking for a place to learn how to use technology for socially responsible goals?

The NetSquared Boston meetup, a chapter of the NetSquared online community, is a group connecting people and organizations interested in  nonprofit.. (more)

Boston Blender Users Group

Blender 3D is a free and open-source 3D platform capable of competing with many established professional 3D content suites, but Blender has traditionally suffered from lack of visibility and a.. (more)

Collide: Tech, Sci, Arts & Culture

This group is for those interested in multidisciplinary networking and collaboration. Taking inspiration from The Medici Effect, The Renaissance, and even such creative collaborations as Burning Man...How can the intersection.. (more)

Boston Design Thinking Meetup

Empathize. Define. Ideate. Prototype. Test. Design Thinking is catching on as a way to accelerate innovation and product development. This meetup is for those of us who want to learn.. (more)

Boston Ruby on Rails Meetup

The Boston Ruby on Rails group is for Ruby on Rails users of all experience levels to discuss, demonstrate, and share information, projects, and best practices regarding the Rails framework.. (more)

Boston Windows Game Developers

The Boston Windows Game Developers Group is a community of developers in the Boston, MA area. It's purpose is to gather together individuals interested in developing games for the Windows platforms. No experience.. (more)

3D Printing Meetup Group Boston

This group is for anyone interested in 3D printing and technologies associated with the process. We will cater to all levels of experience from those who have just found out.. (more)

Boston Google App Engine Developers

Meet and collaborate with other developers who are interested in building scalable applications using google app engine. Lightning sessions showing real code example will be encouraged and you will have time.. (more)

AngularJS Boston

The time has come to finally start this up. Angular's popularity is growing daily and the more general groups are already over-whelmed. We'll be planning a meetup as soon as.. (more)

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Boston Startup Pitch Night

Boston Startup Pitch Night focuses on providing monthly opportunities for you to practice, refine, and perfect your startup pitches.  We also provide targeted networking and learning opportunities in the Boston,.. (more)

Startups of Boston

Are you looking to join or begin working at a start up? Come have a drink and tell us about it. This Meetup is primarily about networking in the startup world of boston. connects Boston's top experts with entrepreneurs and startup folks who want to hone their skills. Improve your craft or learn a new subject in 90-minutes through workshop-style classes in.. (more)

Boston Area B2B Startup Marketing Meetup

This group is dedicated to helping marketers at startups succeed. We'll meet once a month to share tips and ideas, give advice on lead generation, messaging and branding, and explore.. (more)

Co-Founders Wanted Boston

Maybe you are a serial entrepreneur, maybe you are a developer, and maybe corporate life is not for you. Tasted a startup, or want to startup your own business? Our group.. (more)

Ultra Light Startups

Ultra Light Startups brings together the world's most innovative technology entrepreneurs, in monthly events and accompanying online communities. Events feature pitching, networking and interactive, moderated panel discussions with leading industry.. (more)

Boston BizSpark Meetup

The Boston BizSpark Meetup group brings fellow Microsoft® BizSpark™startups and other startups interested in the BizSpark™program together to connect, share ideas, and grow together.

We also invite and welcome startup.. (more)

OpenCoffee Cambridge Entrepreneurs-VCs

Fellow web entrepreneurs and VCs gather once a week in Cambridge, MA to grab some coffee, free WiFi, and chat about what's new.

Around the world, tech entrepreneurs and investors.. (more)

Business Model Generation Meetup

Meet other Boston/Cambridge members interested in business model innovation. Whether you're an absolute beginner learning the ropes or a business tycoon with the next billion dollar startup, you are welcome.. (more)

Boston Internet Marketing Meetup

The Boston Internet Marketing Meetup, (@bostimm) is a rapidly growing local Internet marketing Meetup focused on the Cambridge and Boston locales. True to a Meetup format, we always.. (more)

Boston Young Creatives

Whether or not you just graduated school or are new to Boston, we all know how difficult it can be your first few years as a professional. Let's use this group to.. (more)

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Elasticsearch Boston

Elasticsearch is picking up steam in Bean Town. Let's share our experiences with it and strengthen the local community around it by introducing newcomers to the great features it has.. (more)

UX Boston

This Meetup group hosts monthly events to discuss UX processes, techniques, and much more. Each event features engaging presentations from several UX experts, as well as pizza, craft beers, and.. (more)