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Charlotte, NC /

TechTalks on IoT 101: Opening a New World of Possibilities Through Data

Advent Coworking 933 LOUISE AVE., CHARLOTTE, NC 28204 (map)

The Internet of Things is growing rapidly and IoT devices can open a whole new world of data for organizations. Our next Tech Talk will focus on the real world applications of IoT and discuss projects and best practices related to IoT analytics and data management.

Join us for a lunch & learn with our panel guests who've harnessed the power of the IoT and big data analytics tools to make their organizations more efficient and effective. Our expert speakers will present how they are utilizing IoT to produce valuable data in order to gain a competitive advantage, improve business operations and yield a better return on investment. The presentations will be followed by a discussion between the speakers and the audience where they will talk about the implications of these technologies and how you as a business owner can benefit from them.


Dan Thyer, CTO and Co-Owner of Logical Advantage

Jordan Harris, CTO of ViscoSoft

Come join us on March 26th to learn more about reasons why your company need IoT and how to use meaningful insights from the data your organization collects from these technologies.

About TechTalks:

TechTalks series is a chance for you to improve your knowledge regarding new technology and technology-related issues. Brought by RMCSoft and Advent Coworking, TechTalks target tech startups as well as all other companies utilizing software & digital products in their day-to-day operations.

We cover a wide variety of tech-related topics, offer valuable insights on the best practices, discuss the most common issues, review the tech trends and provide plenty of opportunities to enhance your tech knowledge.

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Marina Marina Grebennikova


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