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Houston, TX /

Building Single Page Applications with ClojureScript and react.js

1776 Yorktown Street 1776 Yorktown Street , Houston, TX 77056 (map)

re-frame is a popular ClojureScript library used to write single-page applications (SPAs) using React.js.

It combines some simple ideas - immutable data and pure functions - with the power of Clojure to make complex web applications manageable at scale.

- Do your clients insist on having a user interface that is full of messy state?

- Have you ever struggled with a large JavaScript codebase?

- Does the phrase "modify the webpack config" give you nightmares?

- Curious whether all the hype about ClojureScript is real?

- Do you like pure functions and data?

If any of the above rings true then this talk is for you!

In this talk I will go over some ClojureScript basics, discuss re-frame concepts, and then we can build a small web application using re-frame.

About the presenter:

Chris Oakman is a functional programmer, designer, and coding bootcamp instructor from Houston, TX. He has written dozens of web applications and is the author of several popular open source libraries. He discovered ClojureScript in 2013 and has been using it to build UIs ever since.


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