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Ithaca, NY /

Ithaca Web People: Using Big Data to Fight Human Trafficking | Show us YOUR First Web Project!

Funkhaus 416 E State St. Suite 101, Ithaca, ny 14850 (map)

Join us December 4th at Funkhaus! The first half of the night we'll meet Emilia Vanderwerf as she talks about her work using "Big Data" to fight human trafficking! Then, we're hoping you'll show us some of the websites, games, and widgets from your early days as a "Web People"! Whether the projects are something to cringe at, marvel at, or reminisce about, we want to see 'em! It can be your very first custom Myspace layout, or a more recent project you've started in a brand-new-to-you technology.

Hope to see you there!

And as always, we're looking for talks and speakers! Head over to our Trello Board ( to leave ideas for things you'd like to learn about. If you've got a topic you'd like to present yourself, even better! Just leave a comment on the Trello card to let us know. :) Thank you!


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