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Ithaca, NY /


Flicstart empowers movie lovers to demand any content at their local theater.

  • Founded: 2012
  • Employees: 3
  • Funding: 2012 Hemmeter Award Winner from Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management
  • Phone: 610-220-3062
  • Email:
  • 208x110 Address:

    Ithaca, NY


6 billion movie seats go empty every year. Theaters fill on average 15% of available seats. Flicstart fills empty seats by empowering movie lovers to demand screenings of any content at their local theater. Theaters love our idea because it complements rather than displaces existing offerings. Ticket payment pre-authorization enables Flicstart to deliver a prepaid audience.  Flicstart’s adds value to movie theaters by generating at least 3 times gross profits relative to the lowest performing screen. Cinemapolis’ signed letter of intent proves movie theaters agree with Flicstart’s vision.

Movie lovers have no say in what gets screened. 75% of those we interviewed said they will pay for tickets if they can pick the movie. Movie lovers "love the concept and hope it will be a viable movie experience soon." Flicstart’s site empowers users to discover events to join or to start a new event and share it with their friends. Flicstart’s core movie lover market is 31 million people who contribute to 50% of movie theater revenues. Flicstart will build its user base through social media and strategic partnerships.

Flicstart has a strong team to execute on this opportunity. Jeff Cloetingh, Co-founder and CEO, received his MBA from Johnson at Cornell University. Prior to co-founding Flicstart, Jeff spent over four years in management consulting, including a leadership role in developing an innovative new service. Jeff graduated with his B.A. in economics from Colgate.

Andrew Schoen, Co-founder, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Cornell University, where he studied economics and engineering. Prior to co-founding Flicstart, Andrew founded an investment advisory firm and has previously worked in the hedge fund and investment banking industries.

Paul Yang, VP of Technology, was the first employee at Etacts, a Y Combinator backed company acquired by Salesforce, where he worked on products and engineering. He also worked at Google and Facebook for web and mobile product development. Paul completed his B.S. in Computer Science at Cornell and graduated with honors.