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Lehigh Valley, PA /

Unified marketing made simple

  • Founded: 2011
  • Employees: 3
  • Funding: Bootstrapping
  • Phone: 4846122765
  • Email:
  • 208x110 Address:

    Macungie, PA


Slimads makes unified marketing simple. Essentially our platform helps companies and users super simple to share product or service specific information. You might ask what Slimads are - these are

mini sites,

mobile apps,

widgets with relevant information, information that users are hungry for.

Did you try to find out which filter model your refrigerator supports? You will realize it is not an easy task.  Have you tried to turn around that pack of cupcakes in the grocery store to see the nutritional information? Likewise have you seen how businesses are directing users to full websites when QRCodes are scanned? There are numerous of such scenarios we all come across and wonder - if only, if only it is easier and simpler to access that key information

Slimads addresses this very common problem and allows companies small and large to share product or service information easily and engage with their customers. For FREE!

-Supplied QRCodes can be printed on product labels, product packaging

-Slimads can be embedded in websites and blogs

-Slimads are responsive - are mobile sites for products or services

- Offer comprehensive metrics to measure the marketing spend across both online and offline channels

These are just a few uses/features of Slimads.

Here are some examples of SlimAds

Slimads is bringing unique features to mass markets and bridging online and offline channels unlike any others.