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Louisville, KY /

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My TMC App

Coupons and offers from local businesses

  • Phone: 888-935-5662
  • 208x110 Address:

    11501 Plantside Drive, Suite 14,
    Louisville, KY 40299

My TMC takes advantage of the fantastic capabilities on that fancy smart phone you bought. You don’t have to browse a website to find relevant offers, buy a coupon certificate, or exchange text messages.

When you use My TMC, your phone does the work for you – My TMC is GPS based, knows what merchants are close to you and presents them to you by the “Merchant Icon”. Tap the “Merchant Icon” and see what is available for you that day in your area. You can also select other markets to see what is available, which makes it great for those who travel.

You may find your destination with our built-in “Map Tracker”, add your favorite merchants in your “Favorites Page” tap to visit the business information like “Tap to Phone Call”, “Tap to Address”, “Tap to Website” and share with you friends through “Tap to Face Book or Twitter.”